I’ve decided to write a blog post about nothing. Sweet fuck all. Nada. A bit like the contents of Paris Hilton’s brain.

There is so much going on in my world at the moment that my thoughts are jumbled. It’s like someone has thrown a big blanket over the top of my thoughts and while they struggled for a while to get free, they’ve now decided to snuggle in the warmth and sleep. They’ve given up and so have I.

Instead, I will keep my mind focussed on packing boxes, organising last minute catch-ups before we move from the hills back to the flat land. Instead, I will sit cradling a glass of shiraz and listen to the kookaburras and watch the odd rogue kangaroo jump past our window. Instead, I will scan the trees for koalas, breathe in the fresh air, rub the condensation off our windows and get lost in the fog rolling through the valley.

This week my littlest one turned one. This week we pack up our life in readiness for next week’s move. This week my thoughts are lost in the past, are focussed on the present and planning our future. There’s no room in there for thinking up blog post ideas. Only room for memories and hopes.

This week my blog post is about nothing. Next week there may not even be one and maybe even the week after. I will not last much longer than that as I am itching to get back into it, getting a routine going. Writing. Until then, I will rest my thoughts and let my brain fill with the essentials. Let my past, present and future reign. Let me live my life without any added commitments. They say moving is one of the most stressful times of life. I think I will just focus my attention on wading through it. And once it’s over I will lift the doona from my brain, let my thoughts wriggle free back into the fresh air. Then I can get back to writing about something again.