(the Queen of Loo Paper on her throne)

Happy Birthday to bigwords, Happy Birthday to bigwords, Happy Birthday to bigwoooooorddss, Happy Birthday to me!! Yep, that’s right. Today is bigwords’ 1st birthday. Well, it’s actually the blog’s second birthday, but it wasn’t until this time last year that I started blogging regularly (before that time I’d only written a handful of posts) and began my love affair with the international blogging community. 

It’s been a massive year for me and this little blog. bigwords (now a dotcom – www.bigwordsblog.com) now has more than 400 followers, nearly 200 Facebook likers and over 1300 Twitter followers. It was voted in Kidspot Top 50 blogs, which also lead me to an expenses paid trip to Sydney and consequently one of the biggest hangovers I’ve EVER had. Blogging has also expanded my career opportunities and I now blog regularly for Kleenex Mums and the Happy Child website, as well as guest posting for other cool blogs both in Oz and overseas. It’s seen me interviewed on tv, radio and in the newspaper and just this past weekend I was the closing address speaker at my first conference. It has also helped me expand my writing capabilities and I am hoping to complete my first novel next year. I just need an agent – anyone, anyone?

Most importantly, blogging has introduced me to the most amazing group of people. You know who you are. I’m not quite sure you know how much you mean to me and what you’ve done to lift my spirits. Man, I’ve cried A LOT and laughed EVEN MORE at some of your blog posts, comments and witty banter on Twitter. 

And for you, my fellow bloggers and the super amazing, cool, groovy, supportive readers of bigwords I want to thank you. I want to give you one of the coolest prizes I have EVER RECEIVED. Earlier this year, I won a prize.   Not only are my words now on the side of toilet rolls, not only did I win $500 which helped get me to the Aussie Blogger’s Conference, but I won ONE YEAR’S SUPPLY OF TOILET PAPER. 

When I was thinking of how to mark this special occasion, I thought wouldn’t it be cool if someone got to experience what I felt when a truck dumped a shit-load of loo paper on my doorstep? So, I got brave and asked the amazing people at Kleenex (namely the effervescent Melissa) if they would be willing to provide loo paper for my FIRST EVER giveaway. And they said YES!

So, for one lucky (Aussie or Kiwi) reader you will win A YEAR’S SUPPLY OF LOO PAPER, delivered straight to your door. Oh bugger it, seeing that it is also Kleenex Mums’ first bday soon too – how about we give TWO LUCKY PEOPLE  A YEAR’S SUPPLY OF LOO PAPER EACH! 

That’s right, two winners each to win a year’s supply, calculated as a roll per person x five in the house x 52 weeks equalling 260 rolls. It’s then rounded up a bit, so for Kleenex Cottonelle Long Roll (which is the one with my words on the side) it comes to 288 rolls. That’s 288 rolls of loo paper each, baby! 

So, to be in the running I need to know this – 

What is the most creative thing you would do with 288 rolls of Kleenex toilet paper? 

Also, if you are not following bigwords, subscribed (look on the left column to enter your email address) to bigwords or liking Bianca Wordley’s bigwords on Facebook – please do. The same goes for liking Kleenex Mums on Facebook here and joining here.

If you want to enter TWICE, then please RT or Facebook share this post and then pop back to bigwords letting me know what you did and then give me another creative answer! 

Melissa from Kleenex and I are going to pick the two winners. The competition will be open until October 2, 2011. Winners will be announced on October 7, so be sure to also include a contact email/twitter handle so I can contact you.  

GOOD LUCK and THANK YOU for joining me in the bigwords’ journey!! xx

PS: And a MASSIVE thank you to Kleenex