It started out innocently enough – a couple of glasses of wine with friends on a Friday night, before Twiggy and I headed off for a concert. We were kid-free, I was spending the night in a hotel (a special reward for what has been a busy few months) and the night was ticking along nicely.

Then I noticed something, the bird had reared its head. This is a pretty normal occurrence when you get  Twiggy near a camera. The only problem is that it wasn’t his camera. The owner of the camera awoke to about 100 bird photos, he then posted them on Facebook for everyone to see. I have not laughed so much in my laugh. Here’s just a couple of them, because I like to share the good, the bad and the downright ridiculous of myself.

Twiggy and I then bid everyone a very gangsta farewell…

… before jumping into the closest cab and making our way to the Hilltop Hoods concert, where we got suitable drinks to fit in with the crowd.

Then Twiggy displayed his awesome gangsta moves.

Let’s just say the night got messier. It went into the very early hours of the morning.

There were many, many more birds.

The next day as I was leaving the hotel on my way to a weekend away at the beach with a group of gorgeous women, I received one last bird from Twiggy, who was struggling through sole parenting of our three girls.

I flipped him one right back.

We might have a relationship based on the bird, but we laugh so hard and love even harder.

Do you ever do the sneaky bird in photos? Have you got any to share?

bigwords x