Since posting pics of my post-baby belly on my blog and voicing my anger at the pressure on mums to lose their post-baby weight I have been completely overwhelmed by an outpouring of support. Your heartfelt, honest and brave responses are too many for me to respond to individually, but please know I’ve read each and every one of them. There’s been tears, yours and mine. I have never felt such pride in all of us sticking together and supporting each other. As I type this, I’ve had nearly 8,000 hits on the blog post and hundreds of amazing comments on the blog, Facebook, Twitter, via texts, phone calls and emails. And the strangest, scariest and most thrilling thing happened – I was interviewed live by the gorgeous Lisa Wilkinson on The Today Show.

A camera crew arrived at my house at 5.30am and an hour later I was being beamed into lounge rooms throughout Australia. Click here to see it if you want. And a few hours after that, I was interviewed by ABC Radio. Blogging has never been so real to me. My main concern is I am unsure where to go from here. How do I top this experience? I feel immense pressure and I don’t want to let anyone down. It has taught me a huge lesson, of the reach one person can have. It’s reconfirmed for me the importance of blogging raw, of being brave, of authenticity. It’s reminded me to always be myself and never be afraid. It’s in all of us.

So, please know this – thank you. Thank you from the depths of my wobbly, scarred, post-baby belly. It is a constant reminder of the three beautiful children I birthed. And now it will always remind me of the powerful network of mothers in the world and the importance of being brave.

Love Bianca x