Every day families are embroiled in custody battles. Sometimes they involve families now living in different countries or different states. They all involve children spending time in different homes. I can’t imagine how hard it must be for everyone involved.

All these case have their own particulars. All these cases are unique to each family, as every family is unique in itself. There are many sides to each story. It’s impossible, unless of course there is proven abuse or neglect involved, to know who is in the right. How can you tell a child they can no longer see, or live, with one of their parents? It is an extremely sensitive issue. An issue which needs to be dealt with by professionals, in private, with much support and definitely with their children’s best interests at the heart of each decision.

At what stage do people become so desperate, so bitter, so distressed that they put the immediate needs of their children behind their own egos? At what stage do you get the media involved? At what stage do you let your children be subjected to such heightened drama, beyond what they are already experiencing?

The custody battle being played out in the media like a reality television show is a disgrace. Those children should not have been put in that position, by either of their parents. The media should not be allowed to report on such issues. Fine their faces have been blurred, but not their school uniforms, which made it clear where these children went to school. And now the media, camped out the front of their father’s Italian home, have alerted everyone to which tiny town he resides. Stop it.

What next? A telephone voting system to let the Australian public decide who should win custody of the kids? For the father phone: 222Italia. For the mother phone: 222Aussie.

Or perhaps we could let the parents hold a live debate on television or put them on Q&A?

I have no interest in the particulars of this case. It is not my business. It is no-one’s business except the families involved. What I am most disturbed by is the fact I’ve been dragged into their personal lives. I have seen images of children being dragged into cars, of a mother wailing uncontrollably at an airport, of a father being forced to prise his child’s hands of a fence away from waiting media, of the knowledge those children flew internationally without either their mother of father by their side. Enough.

These children have been subjected to too much. Their parents have failed them by letting this turn into a media circus. The media have failed them by reporting on an issue which is not in the interests of the general public to know about. It is time everyone leave this family alone to sort out this matter without the additional distress. Back off people. Back off.

What are your thoughts on this very private, yet now very public, issue?

bigwords x