In the beginning there were boxes everywhere, clothes piled up in corners of the bedrooms, empty walls, spiderwebs and overgrown gardens. Even my lady garden was looking bushy. Our sweet little 100-year-old cottage needed some loving. Lucky we love to love.

It’s been two weeks since we moved in and I’m really excited about how much we’ve done and how we’re all settling into our new home. The girls love their room, kindy and the big backyard. They love the local park and the bakery. I love our local pub with its $10 schnitzel nights and $20 jugs of gin and tonic and my husband loves riding his bike EVERYWHERE! Our frowns have well and truly turned upside down.

So much has been going on. We’ve had an instant garden delivered; ornamental pears, hedge plants, lavender, thyme, sage and crepe myrtles.

Soon, we’ll pick up the rosemary for our border hedges and plant the bulbs. Our big, silver planter boxes for our veggie garden arrived yesterday and in time we’ll get our new worm farm and a couple of chickens.

Then my husband braved (and survived) a huge pile of Ikea flat packs and constructed ample wardrobes in both our room and the girls’ room. Instantly my anxiousness subsided. I can not cope with piles of mess. I am slightly OCD about mess. Ok, a lot OCD about mess. They look amazing.

Of course, there’s all the incidentals like bath plugs, towel hooks and gate locks which have also been purchased. And after months of waiting, I’ve finally been able to indulge in a little internet shopping. One million thread count sheet sets, extra-fluffy Sheridan towels, some gorgeous grey and yellow velvet pillows from the stunning online store  Castle and a quirky Old MacDonald pillow (to go with our palm tree pillow) from a newly discovered favourite of mine Gallop Lifestyle.

Now, I’m off to search for light fittings and the most elusive item of all – a waterproof, hanging peg basket to go with our new bright yellow clothes hamper.

I just know we are going to love transforming our cottage. We have so much to do, but we’ve renovated before. We love renovating. And don’t even mention the word “extension” as I get far too over excited about floor coverings, kitchen bench-tops and exposed brick walls. Almost as excited as when I’m presented with Maggie Beer pate and a glass of Adelaide Hills Pinot.

Do you like to renovate?