Our day started with an early morning dash to the beach. It was perfection. The ocean was still, the sky a perfect shade of blue and a gentle breeze kept the 39 degree heat at bay as the world began to wake up.

We took the boogie boards and let the girls try them out. As you can see they LOVED them. It was fabulous listening to their squeals each time a tiny wave washed them closer to shore.

The toddler delighted in squishing her chubby toes in the wet sand and watching all the happy dogs.

I stood still for the first time in weeks. I listened to the gentle lapping. I watched the boats and the birds both circling. I was truly relaxed, my brain not buzzing. Calmness swept over my entire being.

Today, the sand didn’t bother me at all. Today, I was at one with the world. Content to be still.

Do you love those moments when you feel completely relaxed? How do you find your inner quiet?

bigwords xx