I’m so thrilled to say that Bigwords has been named in the Top 5 of the Parenting and Personal blogging category¬†in Kidspot’s Voices of 2014 competition. It’s even more exciting to be in this field with four other awesome bloggers. I’m a bit miffed how I got there actually!

The past week has been one of the most amazing for me professionally. First, to be announced as one of the top five personal bloggers by the Australian Writer’s Centre and now even more recognition, this time from Kidspot. It’s quite overwhelming.

This blog of mine is my safe place to share my inner most thoughts with you. I do it, not for recognition, just validation of my own soul. When I share my ups-and-downs and one of you reach out and tell me your story, I no longer feel alone in my thoughts. It’s the friendships and connections I’ve made which makes blogging so special to me. You make the moments I fear to push publish worthwhile. You help me to be brave because it’s your willingness to share your life with me that encourages me to keep going.

The Australian blogging scene has grown so much since I started years ago. It has evolved and changed into something entirely different from the first time I sent a blog post out into the Internets. It still has many different reincarnations ahead of it. But one thing is certain – it’s an uplifting, inspiring, thought provoking, funny, kind, encouraging, creative industry and I am really lucky to be a part of it.

Thanks for recognising this little blog of mine Kidspot and more importantly thank you, yes you, for reading and supporting me. Bloggers spend so much time working on their blogs, often fuelled by a love of writing and a need to connect with others. They rely on your unwaivering support, honest feedback and championing of independent publishing to keep going. Some are lucky to make a little money, some make a lot, yet many are still plugging away without monetary payment. For most of us, we do it for love and if anything comes of it is just an added bonus. Blogging is a largely solitary pursuit done out of the necessity to share. Hours of unpaid time is put into building readership and crafting unique, relatable and interesting content. Reaching out and connecting with others. Hours spent at the computer quietly chipping away at it.


From me and bloggers like me, thank you.

bigwords x