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This super cute kid is having her third birthday next week. She is obsessed with Dora, so I was thrilled when Target asked me to blog about their annual Toy Sale because there’s a lot of Dora stuff on sale. We took Miss Two to have a look at what’s on offer just to get an idea of what she would like for her birthday. I do believe she thought she was in the most fantastical, super amazing place in the entire universe.

photo copyOnce we worked out that as long as there was a picture of Dora on the product somewhere, Miss 2 would be happy, I went back with gift cards at the ready and picked out her presents. They are now safely hiding, except I’m pretty sure her big sisters have already told her what she’s getting.

Target DoraAnd while I was at the Toy Sale, which runs until July 17, I also scoped out gifts for other upcoming birthdays and Christmas. There’s this really cool Barbie horse and stable that I know Miss 4 will adore as well as a Duplo castle. And Miss 6 would love anything animal, soft toy or craft related. There are so many cool toys.

But at the moment I am up to my neck in Dora. So first, I have to get my costume ready.


The dog* needs an outfit too.


And then I must bake a cake – a Dora cake.


I’m thinking that Dora may have
eaten the original cake.


I love birthdays.

Have you got a kid that’s obsessed with Dora?

bigwords x


*we don’t have a dog, but I still want that outfit.