I’m so excited as I have been recognised for being a Stylish Blogger. This means I’ve been tagged and I will need to comply with a few simple rules and after what can only be described as a “fleeting chance to flaunt my ego”, I must then pass the baton on to 15 other bloggers I regard as “stylish”.

Thanks to the ever stylish Emma K from Cocktails at Naptime for awarding me with a Stylish Blogger Award.

Here’s the fine print:
1) Thanks and linkage back to my pal. 2) Share 7 things about myself. 3) Award 15 recently discovered bloggers the Stylish Bloggers Award and 4) contact them and tell them that they, too, are Stylish.

So here goes it, rather than show embarrassing photos of my past style blunders and rather than talk about style icons or give you seven unknown facts about me, I’ve decided to show you my seven “can’t live without items in my wardrobe”.

bigwords’ seven must-haves in her wardrobe

1) Thongs

Here is where I admit I have nine pairs of thongs. Different colours, different styles, fancy, not so fancy. Havaianas are my thong of choice. They are comfy. I also have a leather pair with an ankle strap which I love. My favourite pair is black and I wear them way too often.

2) Camper platforms

I don’t wear heels often as I am not working and I don’t go out enough to places which require them. My Camper platforms are the most comfortable heels in the world. People always comment on them and I can wear them all night.

3) RM Williams cowboy boots

These trusty boots, which I got made for me, have been my best friend through three pregnancies. When I wasn’t wearing thongs I was wearing these. I love these boots. I must say though that I need a bit of distance from them for awhile, but I will wear them again.

4) Ray-Bans

My new favourites sunglasses of choice. I have two pairs. A classic black Jackie Ohh style and an original Wayfarer. They keep the sun out, have great lenses and I feel cool when I’m wearing them.

5) A bag – clutch or over-the-shoulder. I love them all.

My current favourite is my new little Oroton number I got in the sales! When I’m wearing it, it means I’m out child free! No massive nappy bag to lug around.

6) Target skinny leg jeans (That’s not me in the photo my arse is much bigger than that!)

Target jeans are the only jeans which actually fit my body shape. I got two pairs of these jeans nearly two years ago and am so happy to be able to fit into them again. The short leg style is a must for me and finally I don’t have to get my jeans taken up. I wear them constantly. I’m looking for some new jeans suggestions though, got any?

7) Country Road maxi skirt in black (model wearing stone coloured version of the skirt)

Nikki from Styling You got me on to this skirt and I’ve been wearing it constantly ever since. It’s slimming, versatile, doesn’t need ironing and surprisingly cool to wear in hot weather. Love it.

And I know I’m only meant to go to seven, but what outfit would be complete without an icy cold glass of G&T with a slice of lime.

They’re my style must-haves. What are your’s?

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