I might have a degree majoring in economic history and politics. I might have years of journalism behind me, but compared to many people I know, I do not count myself as being that bright. I like to think I’m smart, but I’m not really. When it comes to facts, my memory is crap and when it comes to writing, my grammar is shit. That’s not to say I welcome ignorance, I like to learn about issues when they are in the news, but I can be a bit of an “on-the-surface” person. I am also quite naive and at times child like.

I know this because, even though I am on the fast train to 40, I still laugh at things which I laughed at as a teenager. You’d think by now, these puerile things wouldn’t be funny anymore, but sometimes I find them funnier now than I did before (and I had an excuse for “before” as I spent a lot of my time in a smokey haze).

Let me take you on a journey into my childish mind – pictures will help.

1) I’ll start with my favourite number. It also happens to be my husband’s.

2) Every time I see this sign, I nudge my husband in anticipation of him saying: “Looks like you can’t come along”.

3) This one speaks for itself.

4) So too does this one. A particularly stylish blogger told me there’s a sign like this one out the front of her neighbourhood porn shop. Knowing that, I will blush, and giggle, every time I see this sign now!

5) We have a few of these horse signs in the Hills and I can’t help but think the rider’s leg looks like a penis. I know. It’s not even remotely close to where it should be, nor is it large enough. I’ve seen those horse documentaries. You wouldn’t be bragging about being “hung like a horse” if it was as tiny as this one! Yet still, I giggle. Every time.

6) Now, I’m sorry if you’re called Fanny Prickles or Richard Head or Mr Cock or Mrs Bush. The list goes on. I will have to look away for a second. And don’t get me started on the book about the duck we borrowed from the library the other day that read: “Duckie spread her wings and flapped. Flap, Flap, Flap.” We had to return the book, I could not read about spreading or flaps.

7) These signs are all over Coober Pedy, a South Australian opal mining town. They warn about the dangers of unmarked mine shafts. It just makes me laugh.

8) I can’t help feel this sign doesn’t actually refer to what I’m thinking about.

9) When I was in the United Kingdom this “pudding” would always bring a smile to my face. I’m sure it’s delicious (when not in can), but it just doesn’t appeal to me.

10) And last, but not least…..drum roll please…..

This Austrian town sounds like a place I’d like to visit – a homage to my favourite word.

Well, that’s a few minutes you’ll never get back! Is there anything which makes you laugh which shouldn’t ?

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