Sponsored by Target


This was meant to be a post about the fabulous, colourful, trendy Spring Fashions at Target and the cool Oh My Gok outfit recommendations on offer, but things don’t always turn out that way. I walked into my local store and started running my hand across the lovely dresses, tops, skirts and stylish jackets. So much loveliness, but alas I wasn’t in the mood for buying clothes. I’ve written about my weight struggles a lot. Every time I address the problem I seem to get a little wider. A bit like Pinocchio – except the only person I’m lying to is myself. I look in the mirror and try and talk myself out of getting serious. I pretend I’m not overweight, when I clearly am.

The truth is I haven’t exercised for months. I now stand on the scales at the heaviest I’ve ever been (without being pregnant). I am eating and drinking with reckless abandon. Buying nice outfits for myself seems pointless when I’m not feeling positive about the way I look.

So, instead searched the Target store for inspiration. Or should I call it THINspiration. It’s amazing what you can find.

First off, I got a brand new set of super dooper scales. We’ve had our old ones for about a decade. This one does the fancy stuff – weighs you, works out your water, body fat, BMI, bone mass and when I get brave enough to take it out of the box it will give me the almighty reality shock I need. I’m hoping I will have an “aha” moment.


Next up, I grabbed one of these. It’s a nifty arm band that I can pop my iPhone in and listen to music while I’m shuffling along. I hope the sweet sounds of hip hop will help drown out my whinging.


Then, I purchased this bowl with a love heart in it. It’s my “Soul Bowl”. When I make a good choice for my body – go for a walk, have a alcohol free day, not eat a chocolate biscuit before bed – I’m going to put a bit of money in it and then when I need a boost I’m going to use the money for a treat, like a massage or pedicure. And I’ll put some into my Giving Bowl for charity. Share the love people.


Lastly, I decided to buy some new nail polish. Just because I feel crap about how I look on the outside does not mean I should have bad nails. Everyone needs a little hot pink neon and sparkle in their life.


I’ve walked this path before. Over and over. This time I’m going to start with small steps.

bigwords x