Adelaide Fringe 2017 Review – Soweto Gospel Choir


This show is joyful. From the very first song to the last.

The Grammy award winning Soweto Gospel Choir brings together some of South Africa’s greatest voices, performing a mix of traditional songs, African Gospel and South African freedom songs. The choir also performs unique reinterpretations of international classics, like Leonard Cohen’s stunning Hallelujah.

Beautiful singing really moves me and there were a number of times I found myself tearing up. The voices of each choir member given a moment to shine and they shone so bright my heart burst. My 10 year old clapped along with the music and was straight to her feet giving a standing ovation with the rest of the crowd.

The energy is unwavering, the accompanying live percussion fantastic and the dancing infectious. The soulfulness fills the room and your heart.

If you want to spend an hour embraced by pure joy, then this is a show for you. Five out of five stars.

bigwords x