It seems I completely forgot I had a blog.

So many things have happened over the past six months, things I would normally blog about, but haven’t. Partly because I didn’t know if anyone would give a shit, partly because I couldn’t find the words I needed to write sentences, partly because I’ve been finding it tricky to balance work and family, and partly because I forgot I was a blogger.

As soon as I’d find that snippet of precious time to write, it would be too late.

Here’s 10 things that I could’ve blogged about but didn’t:

  1. I have put on 10 kilos. Yep. Another 10 kilos. I think I need to bring my Wobbly series back. I also need to make time to exercise and stop drinking so much beer and eating so many chips.
  2. When you have kids and work a lot you start to question if the mad dash of day-to-day is worth it. Would it be better to downsize your house, live with less and toss a ball around for fun, rather than juggling 10 burning swords. When you don’t have kids and you work, you ask similar questions.
  3. As my kids grow older I get more and more anxious about their potentially fatal nut allergies and lay awake wondering how I will continue to keep them wrapped up safely forever. It’s been on my mind a lot lately.
  4. My middle child’s best mate, the only person who she talks to at school (aside from her sisters) is leaving. I was really nervous until two things happened – this note from her best mate was found in a fellow classmate’s school book. IMG_4132 2And secondly, she started talking to another girl who will be in her class next year. Just like that.
  5. The same child, who is a self-confessed princess hater, also decided she was bored of having long hair and asked if she could cut it short. Being a helicopter parent I thought it best I forewarned her of the potential backlash from other kids at school so she could make an informed decision. Her response: “I don’t care if people say I have a boy’s  haircut. They are idiots”. And then we promptly went to the hairdressers. 10464207_10153909285458013_4694925910516951037_n
  6. When I look into the eyes of my eldest child I see myself. A better version of me. She is so hard on herself and the world worries her, but each day she believes a little more in herself. And she should because she is kind, smart and compassionate.
  7. My youngest girl finished kindy and is now officially a school kid. Next year we will have all three of our kids at school. Man, it was emotional saying good bye to the awesome teachers who have been amazing for our three girls. A whole part of our parenting journey is over. It’s a relief, but mainly it makes me sad that life does in fact zoom by in the blink of an eye.
  8. I still see my mate, who died suddenly earlier this year, everywhere. I mostly see her in the smiles of her beautiful children. She should be here. The world can be an absolute c**t.
  9. In related news to the world being an ass, cancer joined our wider family and it is being challenged with amazing strength, honesty and a world of love.
  10. This year I learned that life can not be planned out. This year has been full of unexpected curveballs, challenges, unexpected highs and breathtaking lows. This year I have achieved things I didn’t think I had in me. I’m exhausted, but I am proud of myself. I’m proud of my whole family.

I don’t know what 2016 will bring. All I do know, is that it’s best to ride the roller-coaster and trust that everything will be ok. And if it isn’t, then trust in others to help pull you through. Surround yourself with people who make you a better person, and visa versa. Life is too unpredictable to waste time dealing with assholes. Everyone has a battle going on, be kind and find the people who make your heart sing, your brain think outside the box and your body dance with joy.

Thanks for taking this bumpy ride with me. I am so looking forward to sharing more adventures and mundane ramblings with you.

Have a wonderful holiday season. And to those who believe in Santa – Merry Xmas!


Love Bianca x