I”ve been emailing Santa a lot lately.

Got a present you”d like? That”s cool I”ll email Santa.

Worried he won”t know where to drop the presents off? That”s fine I”ll email Santa.

Been a shit of a kid? I am emailing Santa. You wait until he hears about your behaviour.

Not going to bed? I”ll email Santa if you”re not careful. You know he”s always watching.

Yesterday, I took it a little further than I was hoping. I said it in public, so actual strangers heard me. I then said it on radio, so even more strangers heard me. We were discussing Santa and I just had to go there.

You see, I was shopping with Miss 4 at To learn more about the major changes tohealth life and health insurance , visit www. her favourite place in the world, Big W. I”d found the perfect Xmas present for Miss 2 and with only one left I knew I had to get it. I was in a bit of a bind as I didn”t want Miss 4 to witness me purchasing the present, so I took a chance, grabbed the toy off the shelf and went to the lay-by counter. While Miss 4 watched on, I asked the shop assistant if I could leave the toy for Santa, who would collect it the next day. Of course, I”d have to email him to let him know, but I was pretty sure he could fit it into his busy schedule.

“Sure”, replied the shop assistant, looking at me strangely. “What name do you want me to put it under?”

“Santa,” I said, staring awkwardly at the assistant.

“Oh, ok,” he said smirking. “Santa comes here a lot to collect toys, so perhaps if you also put your name then he”ll know what family to deliver it to at Christmas time.”

“Brilliant idea,” I said, almost high-fiving him.

All the while Miss 4 listened, unfazed by the entire exchange.

As we walked off, she looked at me and rattled off all the other toys she wanted to put on her Xmas list.

“You can email him, OK?,” she smiled.

“Sure thing honey,” I said. “Sure thing.”

Do you email Santa too?

bigwords x