The past couple of weeks have been a bit of a whirlwind for me. I found myself applying for, and getting, a full time job. It will be the first time I’ve worked full time in nearly 10 years. The whole process has been rather terrifying and exciting all at once.

I had to do a resume. Write an application letter. Sit an interview with a three person panel via video conference. I had to put on a suit. And shoes. And get out of my pyjamas. When you work for yourself, clothes are optional. Aside from the getting dressed part, I haven’t had to do any of those things for about a decade.

It’s not like I haven’t worked, I have. Freelance writing is a hard slog, growing and raising three children is both a gift and enormously taxing and blogging is all encompassing at times. I’ve had to put myself on the line a lot for work, but not actually sell myself to a future employer by way of resume and interview. The road to work is a little scary.

At times I’ve worked full time all from my home office and at times I’ve not “worked” at all. Although many would argue having three kids in the space of four years is work enough. Soon I will be working full time, which is a big change for our family and myself.

I have cried a lot. I even went a few days with no appetite because of nerves (and that never happens to me). I have lay in bed wracked with guilt and I haven’t even started work yet. As a mother you are always guilty, of something. And I have celebrated, as I am really looking forward to this new adventure.

The position is a media coordinator role with Oxfam and will involve me traveling regularly. I’ll work mostly in the office, yet have negotiated some time working from home, which will enable me to drop or pick the kids up from school a couple of days a week. I will also spend some time in the Melbourne head office which is awesome because I adore that city.

I suppose the crazy part is the speed as to which my life has changed. I wasn’t looking for a new job. I wasn’t even planning on working full time until all my kids were at school yet this job is perfect for me and I couldn’t let it pass me by. My new work team sound like a wonderful bunch of people and I’m really excited about the next chapter in my life.

What will come of the blog, you might be thinking? 

Well, I plan on still blogging. It might not be as often as before, while I settle into my new job. But I’ll definitely keep writing as it keeps me sane and happy and I’ll miss you and this too much. And I’ve worked too darn hard to give it up. Most probably I’ll be writing more about the work life juggle and would love any tips from others also working and those who travel for work. It will be a big change for us, but one the whole family has discussed and we are ready to embrace it.

I am very lucky to have a husband who works from home and he is very lucky to have me. We are a good team. And as for the kids, they’ll be more than ok.

In fact, I’m off to take my youngest out for a milkshake right now.

Have a great day,

Bianca x