See this bowl of flowers. They are straight from our garden. They are all edible, well, that’s what we’re hoping because we used them in our cooking. You see, we’ve been watching Masterchef and it has become a bit of a running joke in our house to pay out anyone who sprinkles flowers on their plate. Flowers are the new micro-herb of garnishes. They are they new “dirt” of plating up. All the hipsters are doing it. We all know next year people will be commenting that “flowers were so 2012”.

Anyway, we decided to decorate my Mum’s 60th birthday cake with flowers because we are cool like that.

We are so on trend. Even using the phrase “on trend” is on trend. Next year, it won’t be, like flower garnishes. Speaking of on trend. Here’s an Instagram montage of the cake. We Instagramed the shit out of it. It’s very hip and on trend to Instagram the shit out of food.

The cake was a success. All of Mum’s super cool, hip, on-trend friends told us so. And our kids couldn’t get enough it.

Most of all Mum loved it.ย Here’s a pic of her telling me with her eyes just how cool she thought the cake was and how lucky I was to be married to a man who knows how to cook.

Happy Birthday Mum.

bigwords x