On the upside, I’ve been thinking more about getting healthier and less about where my next donut’s coming from. On the downside, I’ve put on another two kilos. I keep waiting for my all time low point. I’m not sure it exists. I’m not sure what I’m waiting for or why? I think I’ve got there, I write an inspirational post about how today’s the day, I vow to change my lifestyle and do all the right things for about two weeks and then I fall in heap of chips and gravy, rubbing the fatty goodness all over my belly, thighs and bum.

I am awesome at starting healthy eating plans. I am shit at sustaining them.

Tonight, I’m off to my second (roller) Skate Fit class. And I decided to start a 30-day Body Challenge which requires me to do sit-ups, planks, crunches, squats and push ups. I also have a visit to the pool to “swim” a few laps in my sights, I want to walk Mt Lofty (I’ve bush-walked many times, but for some reason have never “done” Lofty)  and I want to finally get my bike out of the shed after an eight-year hiatus. I’ve decided I just need to introduce a whole range of different activities into my world so it’s more about fun than necessity.

I’m a work in progress, unfortunately I’m not good at sticking to my job sheet. I’m always looking for an easy way out and it’s not doing me any favours. Time to get a move on – one day at a time.

bigwords x