Today we sold our rain water tank – the ugly blue rainwater tank we inherited when we purchased this house just over a year ago. It was a defining moment for Twiggy and I. The past year has seen us rip out an overgrown mess and in its place create a back yard full of creative, fun spaces. It’s the perfect spot for a few glasses of wine on a Friday night. It’s conducive to much trampolining – and that’s the adults.

I’m so very proud of what we’ve achieved. It’s been a lot of hard work, mostly by my husband who has spent months out there digging, planting, building and clearing, while I wrangled kids. He even has injuries to mark the toil, a scar above his eye from a wayward outdoor dunny. We’ve spent many hours standing outside discussing ideas to create a place to be inspired by. It’s helped calm us at times of financial pressure, the overwhelming nature of small children and a shift in our surroundings.  We’ve been rebuilding in many areas of our life. It symbolises much growth.

As we sit in this newly formed space and watch our three children dart through the trees, skip along the stones, dream-up entire imaginary communities, scramble through the grass and stand out in the cold night making those first wishes on the stars – we raise a glass to each other. Life is not always easy, in fact it’s pretty darn hard sometimes. Yet when we snatch those times of pure contentment, increasingly it’s been right here. On solid ground.

One day a house extension will wrap around this garden with windows opening out into it. The plants would’ve grown taller. The sun would shine in through the windows. We will sit and marvel at what we’ve created together. A partnership built on communication, driven by change, inspired by challenges and strengthened by fights over plant selection. It’s a solid foundation of respect and love.

bigwords x