(Flinders Ranges, Rawnsley Park Station)
I’m standing on a hill,
it’s very tall.
And all I can not see,
I imagine.
Bianca Wordley
My first visit to the Flinders Ranges was a spiritual experience. Breathtaking. All. Of. It.
We spent one night at the Rawnsley Park Station caravan park bush camping under the shooting stars with a view of magnificent proportions. There we toasted marshmallows and watched the sunrise.

Then we had two nights luxuriating in a Rawnsley Park Station eco-villa where we watched a hot air balloon drift in the morning sky. We took long baths, drank wine on the deck, spotted kangaroos and regrouped as a family.
A meander through the ranges, rocky creek beds, the colours of the earth – deep reds, pinks, browns, dusty sand and visit to a shearing shed.
All the images in this post were taken by Brett Hartwig from Archie Five Photography
The Flinders Ranges are one of Australia’s must see tourist destinations. Go there, the experience will speak to your soul. There’s magic in those ranges.
bigwords xx
bigwords and her family were gifted the three day holiday at Rawnsley Park Station – a place that I would seriously recommend to all. The bush camping sites offer spectacular scenery and serenity. The eco-villas are fabulously decadent. We are eternally grateful to our hosts Tony and Julie. It was amazing.