I’ve read the books, asked friends, listened to lots of ‘helpful’ advice and finally I decided to take the plunge – potty training Child Number One.

Day one and a number two was successfully, albeit accidentally, deposited in the potty. Her face was one of shock; as was her parents’ faces. Must admit I nearly cried. She’s growing up.

The day began on a good start, so after repeatedly asking if Child Number One wanted to sit on the potty, said child got annoyed. The potty became a toy hat, a boat, a launching pad to jump off, a cave to stick her head into and an instrument to balance on her sister’s head. And with that, came a poo and wee in quick succession all over the floor. That was day one.
Day two’s been characterised by a poo in her pants and an absolute refusal to sit on the potty at all. Bribery was essential. Stamps, stickers, ice blocks, face painting, sultanas….breakthrough, she sat on the potty. However, still refused to do her business on it. She happily played on it for one hour, holding on the entire time. When safely asleep wearing her nappy, she went crazy!
So, now I am bracing myself for day three. Bored already. Sick of watching like a hawk, waiting for wee to go everywhere, ready to grab Baby Number Two before she crawls through an enticing yellow puddle.
And don’t even get me started on Baby Number Two. She will not eat anything except wheat products, dairy and copious amount of meat. PETA would be horrified.
This parenting caper while extremely rewarding, is a lot like getting stuck in a warped version of Groundhog Day, with odd challenges thrown your way. At least Bill Murray doesn’t keep popping up!