I read somewhere recently that a woman had decided not to make New Year resolutions and instead was having a New Year’s theme. I really like the idea and have decided to ambush it. My theme this year is going to be dependability, acceptance, new beginnings, love and fun.

Dependability – This is a trait I have been working on and getting better at.Β I will continue to be a mother my children can always count on and a better wife. If I say I’ll do something, I will.Β I realised recently that in order to meet commitments to myself and other people it’s best to be realistic. No more empty promises. I have stopped setting unrealistic goals, like I will be wearing a bikini by the end of the year or I will run a marathon, but I can promise to live a healthier life and to try and beat my previous City to Bay time. This doesn’t mean I’ve stopped setting myself challenges, life would be a bore without challenges. I am getting better at editing my challenges. It’s amazing how great you feel when you tick challenges off your list, instead of never meeting expectations.Β And watch out, when I see you and there’s a “we should catch up soon” comment made, I will follow through. Expect a phone call.

Acceptance – This is something I need to work on. People are not perfect, they make mistakes, they have their own issues. I need to be better at cutting them some slack. I need to be more accepting of different ways of doing things and of other people’s flaws. I also need to be more accepting of things not always going to plan, of drivers on the road not always being considerate, of children not always being clean and well behaved, of life throwing you curve balls. Just surrender, relax and not be so anal. Accept how life is and try not to control every detail. Take pleasure out of the unexpected. Chill out.

New beginnings – This year we hope to move house. This year we hope to change the direction of our business. This year I hope to learn new skills. This year my eldest child starts kindy. This year will be full of new beginnings. This is exciting.

Love – With three gorgeous children, a husband who is beyond amazing, a beautiful mum and a fantastic group of friends I am lucky to be surrounded by so much love. My family and friends are my everything. I will love more and bitch less.

Fun – I will continue to focus on the joy, humour, silliness and fun of life. Dwelling on the negative is a waste of energy. I prefer to be glass half full. If my glass ever gets empty, please remind me to get over myself and pass me the gin.

Did you make a list of 2011 resolutions? Or did you give it a miss this year? Or perhaps you just have a favourite blog of 2010 which summed up your year. Please feel free to link up!

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