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Just last week Twiggy snapped a photograph of me sleeping in our bed. When I woke up he showed me. It’s not nude or even remotely racy. In fact it’s far from it. I’ll show you.


And this is me with just two of our kids. You should see our bed when the whole family is in it. Sometimes one of the kids curls up at all of our feet like a puppy. It is really very squishy.

So, when I got a chance to go to Sydney for the recent Kids Business Blogger’s Brunch I was very keen to go, mainly because I wanted to sleep in a hotel bed – all by myself. And trust me I took advantage of the space and slept sideways with my arms and legs stretched out. It was bliss.

The brunch was fab. I got to catch up with a heap of fabulous bloggers, some in the flesh for the first time. There was giggling and chatting and much hastaging. I ate delicious lemon tarts and was extremely excited when my friend Sam (The Annoyed Thyroid) gave me some of her delicious homemade fudge.

A number of women spoke to us about finding joy and happiness. Women’s Agenda‘s associate publisher Angela Priestly talked about how stories made her happy. And I really identified with her. Writers are in the business of story telling. It is our creative, economic (if your lucky) and emotional outlet. Reading, researching and sharing other people’s stories, and my own, makes me very happy indeed. Actually, without it I think I’d go a little bonkers.

Also speaking at the event was Jo-Ann Hicks, a representative of the Nappy Collective. She spoke about how giving to others helps build your own personal happiness. She gives a lot of her time to this fab charity and she sure was happy.


Her happiness was infectious. And so was her love of the Nappy Collective. Up until about a month ago I hadn’t heard of it, I suppose because our nappy days are well and truly over, but far out I wish it had been around when we had kids. We gave away some of our excess nappies and ashamedly threw some out. I would have been so keen to donate them instead. You see what it does is collect unused nappies and then redistributes them to organisations that support families in crises or in need. It’s a super idea. You can find out more about this fab organisation on their website. Can you believe that since it started one year ago it’s delivered over 100,000 nappies, donated by families all over Australia?! Awesome.

As I listened to her it hit me – we don’t need nappies anymore. My babies are growing up. So, as I was eager to get away kid-free to sleep outstretched in a bed, I become acutely aware at that moment that my babies are no longer babies. And soon my girls won’t even want to crawl into our bed at night. I wanted to snuggle them.

I was very excited when I got home and could give them a huge cuddle. You know, I took a lot of selfies on the weekend, but this one was my favourite.


They are my happy.

What makes you happy?

Bianca x





Kids Business Communications hosts the Bloggers BrunchTM series of events where bloggers and brands meet and mingle. These events also raise awareness and funds for different charities. For more information www.kidsbusiness.com.au.