Yes, that’s what I reckon. Men who tailgate have small dicks and need to feel manly by aggressively driving right up other cars’ arses. I refuse to be intimidated and do not change lanes to let them pass. I drive the speed limit and let them sweat it out. Actually, sometimes I drive just below the speed limit just to piss them off. Sometimes it’s the little things which make my day more fun.

And while I am ranting, what is it with people who speed up to pass you and when they have secured the leading position they slow down again? Why the desperate need to lead? What’s wrong with just driving along at the speed limit, chillaxing. The constant lane changing does not get you there any faster. It’s even funnier when you cruise to the stop lights and there waiting with everyone else is the compulsive lane-changer!
Ah, the joys of driving. It’s one thing to have your licence, but another to know how to drive.