Yes, yes it does. Magic Mike does objectify men. About time I think. You know I”m all for equality of the sexes.

If you have a problem then call the police.

But we all know they”re just a bunch of cowboys.

Or maybe send the sexism intellectualists.

 Except we all know how heated they get. So heated they can”t keep their clothes on.

One guy just had to cool down.

It was so hot they had to bring in the fire brigade.

The clean up took ages, probably because someone kept taking mobile casino off with the broom.

So, the only solution was to call in the US Army.

That”s my review of Magic Mike. It could”ve done with less speaking. Even my kitchen table could”ve written a better script. And there just wasn”t enough dancing. I haven”t laughed so much in ages. It”s a must see movie. Five stars for the chests.

Have you seen it?

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