So today I head to Melbourne for the Kidspot Voices of 2014 Gala. It’s been such a buzz being named as one of five finalists in the Personal & Parenting category. All the other finalists are fab in all the categories – it’s such a thrill to be named alongside of them. I’m really looking forward to meeting everyone tonight.

I’d really like to thank Kidspot for supporting Australian bloggers. Throughout this process they’ve run free professional development courses, encouraged networking and been very supportive of positive exchanges between bloggers and with brands.

The whole experience has been really fabulous.

Tonight the big winners will be announced and to be very honest I’m not nervous, I’m just excited to be attending the event and catching up with so many people who share this passion for blogging that I have. We’ll laugh and talk and squeal and hug each other. It’ll be like a Christmas party for bloggers. So much fun.

To whoever wins tonight CONGRATULATIONS. And to everyone who doesn’t win CONGRATULATIONS. We chose to be a part of this wonderful blogging community. We are in fact doing something we love and forging careers for ourself in which we are our own bosses. And because of that we are all winners.

Thanks to Kidspot for naming me as a finalist, thanks to all the other finalists for sharing this adventure, thanks to all the other bloggers who walk this path alongside me and thanks to you, the reader, for making this all worth it. You help make blogging grow and thrive. You rock.

Now I’m off to drink champagne in my cocktail dress and be silly.

Bianca x