Big moments in your life shape you. Births, deaths, marriage, divorce, new homes, travel, graduation, new jobs, the first day at school… you get the idea. These occasions stick in your mind, define you. They stand out, they’re revered, but it’s the little things that keep you chugging along. It’s the little things that make life extraordinary.

A bee buzzing around a lavender bush on a sun drenched winter’s day.
A sleeping baby.
Nutella by the spoonful.
Finding notes in you kid’s school bag.
The smell of a roast cooking.
An afternoon nap.
Holding a child’s hand.
The sounds of the ocean.
A professional blow dry.
Making someone smile.
Crackling smothered in salt.
Sharing a kiss with your partner.
That first bite of chocolate self saucing pudding.
A freshly cut lime.
Getting a parking spot right out the front of the shops.
The moment you dive right in.
The perfect jus.
Bubbles on your tongue.
Vases full of flowers.
Great sex.
A song for every occasion.
Hand luggage.
A good cry.
A joint on a summer’s night with friends.
Trams rushing by.
Tears of laughter.
Winning backgammon.
The theme song to Neighbours.
Clean sheets.
A breaking news story.
Books that make you feel something.
The nerves in your belly.
Winning an imaginary race with a stranger on the street.
Dagwood dogs.
Weeing in a bush and not getting wet feet.
Knowing when to stop.

What are your favourite little things?