It takes a village to raise a child so I’ve been asking bloggers and friends to write a letter to my girls. Each week I publish a different letter. If you’re interested in contributing, please email me at:

This week’s letter is from Jo Hartley from the blog Wanna Be Yummy Mummie. She’s been so patient with me and I admire her persistence. One day we’ll meet over a glass or two of bubbles!

Dear Girls
At the time of my writing this letter, your world is really quite a small and sheltered place.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean that in a patronising way, but simply in a ‘you are still so young and have so much of the world to discover yet’ kind of way. 
Your world is at present a cocoon in which you are protected, surrounded by familiar things, familiar people and familiar routine.  You are safe and warm in your cocoon and, whilst you may well be starting to become more aware that there is another world outside your shell, it will be a while yet before you crack out, stretch your wings and fly. 
And therein lies my advice to you and that is purely and simply this…one day you simply must fly!  The world is a huge place and there are so many wonderful places to go, things to see and people to meet. 
Therefore, with no further ado, I reveal to you a list of ‘Must Do’s’ that I hope you will one day tuck in your backpack as your set off on your adventures.
Eat frogs legs in France – sure, it sounds gross right? But, trust me, it all tastes like chicken anyhow

Ice skate in New York with a loved one – warm? No! Romantic? Yes!

Island hop your way round Greece – drink a gallon of Ouzo just for the hell of it!

Bungee jump in New Zealand – wow! What a thrill….or, at least, so I hear!

Ride the Ferris Wheel at Santa Monica Boulevard – preferably before eating an American sized hotdog and drinking a bucket of coke!

Gamble in Las Vegas – just a little money mind……you can NEVER truly win!

Go see lions, tigers and elephants in their natural environment in Africa – remember to take a spare change of pants for those extra ‘up close’ experiences with the lions!

Go party all night…and all day in Ibiza or Bali.

Take a cooking class in Thailand – take away will never taste the same again!

Swim with dolphins in Mexico.

Go to London and make like a Queen with high tea at the Ritz and a little shopping at Harrods.
And last but not least, because the things closest to home shouldn’t be completely overlooked of course;

Hire a convertible and feel the wind in your hair (and eyes and mouth) as you drive the Great Ocean Road.

Climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge – scary, but a great butt work out – not to mention the views of course!
Drink your way round Margaret River – all with the purposes of finding your favourite wine
Sleep under the stars at Ayers Rock.

Most of all….enjoy!

Jo x

Jo is a 30-something wannabe yummy Mummy living in Sydney with her husband, 2 dogs (1 neurotic, 1 normal), a cat and a toddler.  Her blog is the creative outlet for her remaining braincells.  In her free time (hahahah)….Jo enjoys eating chocolate, thinking about dieting, eating ice-cream, pondering over gym memberships and drinking alcohol!