It Takes A Village… to raise a child. So, I’m asking bloggers, and in this case friends, from my village to each write a message for me to pass on to my girls. If you’d like to write one, let me know.

This week’s letter is a lovely one from a new reader and friend Mrs Sabbatical. She is very funny and this week she told me I did not have a double chin. Bless.

Dear Girls

Your mummy is very wise asking for friends to give you advice, because you will find that everyone can offer you something new.

I gave some to my daughter, but she is a little bit older, so I came up with these thoughts just for you three.


Be who you are. You will find even with your sisters you are all so different, and that is ok. Don’t try and be somebody else, you will be better at being you.

Don’t be afraid to jump in and try something new. You may fall on your bottom or look like a bit of a goose, or, more than likely, you will succeed and feel fab. How will you know if you don’t give it a go?

Embarrassing situations make great stories. After a while the scarlet fades from you face and your tales can become a fabulous ice breaker. “Did you hear the story of the time I fell over at assembly……. It’s hilarious!”

Not everyone has the same opportunities as you, be aware that there are plenty of people who may have to struggle a bit more. Perhaps ask the kid in the playground who always sits alone if they want to play 4-square.

Belong to a team. Not only does exercise make you feel great, but belonging to a team is a fantastic way to meet people, especially when you are older and have moved somewhere new.

Travel, there is so much to see and do, grab a ticket and a friend and just go and explore.

Never underestimate the power of good personal hygiene and excellent manners, especially table manners. It’s a fork, not a shovel.

Never stop learning. Uni is not for everyone, but that is not the only learning out there. If you feel passionate about something, learn more about it. Can’t juggle, play guitar or double-dutch? Learn, keep your brain active.

Develop the art of conversation.Ask questions, be aware of current affairs. When you are older you will be in awkward social or work situations, but if you can start a conversation, you will be fine.

Don’t grow up too fast. Being young, immature and silly is much more fun.

Never stop laughing. Frowning will give you more wrinkles.


Aunty Sabbatical xxx

Mrs Sabbatical is one of those Australians that left years ago to with a backpack to explore and came back with a family. Now a mum to 9yo Crazy, she decided that corporate life was over-rated and thought it was time to take a sabbatical and learn something new. She likes to pontificate on pretty much everything and is desperately trying to be cool and crafty.

Mrs Sabbatical blogs at and on @mrssabbatical (and facebook, and instagram and……).