It Takes A Village… to raise a child. So, I’m asking bloggers, and in this case friends, from my village to each write a message for me to pass on to my girls. If you’d like to write one, let me know.

This week’s message to my girls is from the delightful, funny, honest and downright super rad Emma Healey, the brains and beauty behind What’s In Emma’s Brain. And she was raised by hippies, like me.


Your people are the friends that always make you feel like you are enough. They won’t ever judge you.
They will help you not to judge others, and they may change from time to time.
They know exactly what it is about you that is fabulous! Thats why you are friends!
You will need to be reminded of this occasionally.

They will say the things that you are thinking, they will make you laugh till there is no sound coming out, and they will come knocking at your door at 10pm the night before a rental inspection with a bottle of wine to help you fold your floordrobe, thus avoiding eviction and the need to leave your shitty two bed in Newtown to move back in with your olds.

Make sure you rent a shitty 2 Bed someday. It will be the best time of your life.

Your people will laugh at you when you fall over, you need to laugh at yourself when you fall over, but they will always help you up.

Surround yourself with your people. I promise you, they are everywhere, even if you need to take your time to find them.
High school can be a huge jerk. It can be the only space in the world in which quantity over quality is encouraged. This all rights itself the minute you step out of there, so don’t waste your time with it and watch everyone catch up.

It might feel like there are none of your people in High School, everyone feels like that.
I promise you that there is at least one and one is enough, the rest will find you both if they are lucky.

Love is beautiful, its the only thing that can make you feel invincible enough to leave your people, but it can be the biggest Jerk of all.
Don’t let love take you from your people, you will need them to have your back when love needs a massive clock in the face.
Anyone who deserves your love, and has good intentions wont ever ask you to leave your people.

Love doesn’t always like to compete with friendship.
Make a pact with your friends to love each others partners when they love their partners and hate them when they hate them.
Guaranteed one of them is going to get with a massive ass hat at some time, remind them who they are, and what they deserve. It will all work out, you don’t always have to fix things, you just have to listen.

Make sure your mum is one of your people, did you know your mum is hilarious?

When you find that special someone you will need your people more than ever.
They will help you remember who you are, with all the beautiful things that love has to offer you can sometimes forget.
Your people will always remind you who you are, you are their people, the person your partner fell in love with and they will always remind you of why you should love you.
I promise you that whatever grass you are standing on, while you love you, is the greenest.


Emma Healey is a Sydney based blogger, Mother to three beautiful children and self professed nerd. When she is not busy being a disgustingly lucky work at home mum, she writes of being raised by hippies in a small country town at 
You can tweet her @Emmasbrain.