It Takes A Village… to raise a child. So, I’m asking bloggers from my village to each write a message for me to pass on to my girls. If you’d like to write one, let me know.
This week’s message to my girls is from the delicious Diminishing Lucy.

Hey little Chicklets,

You know how you know your mum is the prettiest Mum ever in the whole wide world?

And you know how her smile and only her smile can make you feel better about just about everything?

And you know how when she gives you a cuddle it feels like the best place ever? And how that cuddle can fix everything because it feels safe?

And you know how she knows you better than anyone else ever can?

And you know how some days she makes you laugh so hard you wet yourself?

And how, on other days she cries and is cranky but you still love her to bits?

And you know how much Daddy loves her, even if her hair is a mess and her bum wobbles a bit?

Do you know why everyone loves her?

Because she loves herself.

She doesn’t care what size is in the tag in her clothes.

She sure doesn’t care about the belly that you three helped make.

She puts make up on to feel good, not look good.

She knows what is right and what is wrong. She does what she feels is the best thing, despite what others might think.

She has the confidence to stand apart from the rest and be herself.

She knows that gin and wine are great, but that she doesn’t need them.

She knows that when you love, you love the soul and the mind and the person inside.

She knows that a size 8 body is no reflection of health and that a baby belly is irrelevant in the grand scheme of things.

She knows that eating right and moving a lot makes you feel sensational.

She knows that a smart mouth and engaging words win over false eyelashes and big boobs.

She knows that confidence comes from love.

That’s why she gives you so much love.

She wants you to develop the confidence in yourselves, so that you will never care about conforming to what the media suggests is what a woman should look like.

She wants you to instinctively know that a healthy body that operates in an aura of happy self-confidence is the most beautiful thing to be with.

She wants you to know that if you know yourself and like yourself, then you will be comfortable with yourself, wherever you are and whatever you attempt to do.

Chicklets, you may groan when you read this as teens. But by the time you hit your late twenties, you’ll believe me. Promise.

If you love yourself, so will others.

Love Lucy x

Lucy is a lapsing dietier and lapsing Adelaide blogger. Lucy juggles parenting with her own journey to health and wellbeing. She knows how tricky it can be to balance all the roles that Mums undertake – and how much more fun it all is with energy and vitality on your side. Lucy blogs at Diminishing Lucy, where she shares her weight loss journey, along with tales of family life.