It Takes A Village… to raise a child. So, I’m asking bloggers, and in this case friends, from my village to each write a message for me to pass on to my girls. If you’d like to write one, let me know.
This week’s letter is from my deliciously spunky friend Beth, or, as many know her, BabyMac. She is kind, tells it like it is, has fabulous hair, a great taste in home wares, has a little flower girl born on Valentine’s Day just like me and she makes a mean pork belly. 
Hello girls,

Your awesome Mum has asked me to impart some of my knowledge with you all to take on board in your journey in this big, bad world. I could tell you about self belief, and learning, and other such wise words, but I’ll save that for people who actually know what they are talking about. I’ll talk about some of the other things. The lesser known and celebrated parts of our lives that will make your time in this world more enjoyable. Believe me. I know about these matters.
1. Ladies, use your manners. At all times. Never forget them – especially not when you are older and think they don’t apply to you anymore. That’s when they especially do. If you don’t have anything nice to say, then don’t say anything at all. You can THINK it, sure. You can call up friends to discuss it, but leave it be. It will serve you well. As I like to say to my girls and friends “Keep yourself pretty”. That doesn’t mean how you look, but how you ACT. If I hear otherwise from your Mother, I will be sure to tell you all to “put your manners back in.”
2. Make your beds. Every day. It will serve you well to start the day in a tidy fashion. There is no joy to coming home after a busy days work ready to collapse into bed and it’s not made. And NEVER, not ever, leave the clean sheets off the line to go onto the bed just before you sleep. To walk into a room and see a bare mattress without linen is like seeing me naked. IT’S NOT PRETTY. Wash your sheets often, make your beds well.
3. Take joy in the simple parts of your day. Making a good up of tea. Sweeping a path. Mopping a floor. Hanging out washing. It’s mundane, sure, but you can get a simple pleasure from  it. Take the time to thank yourself for your hard efforts. I find mock cream in Neenish tarts a very good reward for such matters.
4. Have children, even just for the fact that they can unpack your dishwasher. One day. I’m yet to see that day but I have two in the wings, just ready to go when they can reach the fancy pull our drawers. Stupid fancy design. And STACK YOUR DISHWASHER CORRECTLY. For the love of Pete – cutlery up, maximise your space and chuck in all that you can. Don’t be cheap with the detergent. You’ll regret it. Believe me.
5. Work hard. And keep going. And then work harder. There is not much better than sitting down after a hard days work, manually, or otherwise, and feeling like you have accomplished something. Nothing comes for free, if you work hard, push yourself, and be consistent, then rewards will come. It’s quite boring, but it’s true. Like most important things in life really.
6. DO NOT ROLL YOUR EYES. Not ever. It’s very unbecoming for a lady.
7. Be kind. To yourself. To others. And most importantly, to your Mother. Refer back to point 1. It’s just good manners to be grateful each and every day for all your Mother has done for you. I constantly remind my own girls and will do so until the day I die. It shall be my legacy. BE GRATEFUL YOU BASTARDS.
I wish you all the best in your lifetimes. Success. Education. Careers. Motherhood. Heart thumping love and passion. And most importantly, happiness. You’ll be fine though, with those parents of yours, you are already half way there.
All the best,
BabyMac x
Beth blogs daily at She believes in family. Good friends. Pork. Champagne. Long lunches. Sleeping without being woken by small children. Clean sheet day. Fresh flowers in her home. Open fires and sitting by them with drink in hand. Using her passport. Love, real proper, heart thumping love with her husband. Bad reality TV. The internet. Cooking. Eating. Changing her hairstyle. Often. She believes in reading, writing, watching and sharing. And putting it ALL out there.