Seriously, is this a joke? Is this a ploy to get hits on this supposed “news” website? Is this a sub editor left to (and I am going out on a limb here) HIS own devises without anyone with any respect for women overseeing his copy? Or if this is a woman – what the hell was she thinking? There are many things wrong with this story layout, here’s a few of them.

First off, let’s tackle the headline – Great body, fine head: Women discover the joy of beer.

I’m all for cheeky headlines, but this one is not only condescending, but it’s also a crock of shit. I get the reference to the head on a beer. I’ve drunk many beers in my life. In fact, that brings me to my second point, I “discovered” beer many years ago, as have an enormous number of other women. It is 2012, women have been “discovering” beer and scotch on the rocks and sexism for centuries. And here’s something shocking, many women even know how to pour a beer from a keg with a fabulous head on it. I made a living out of it for awhile. I give good head.

Like many women in this world, I can also shop for shoes online and skull a pint of beer – all at the same time. I even know how to drive a manual car, cook a steak on the BBQ and give a good hand job – all “manly” pursuits. I’m pretty sure the men who sniggered at this headline and approved the first paragraph of this “supposed” news story are also pretty good at giving themselves hand jobs too. Wankers.

Hey, I’m not discounting the fact that more women are drinking beer. Nor am I ignoring this is a Daily Telegraph story, it’s not exactly high-brow. I’ve seen this story done a thousand times before, in fact I’m pretty sure I’ve written this story a thousand times. It’s one of those crap “news” stories which gets recycled yearly. You know, just like “Crazy Words Kids of Today Say”, “Men Who Drive Sports Cars Are Lacking In The Glovebox Department” and “Blondes Really Do Have More Fun”. They’re the stories cadets or lazy journalists do. Or ones that are hungry for a Page 3 story. I’ve been all three of those. I’m not knocking the journo in this instance, he was probably following instructions from his Chief of Staff, as the photographer was following similar instructions to get “three hot birds drinking beer and laughing”. I’m not knocking the journo, who one day might pursue “news” stories of actual significance, unless he actually did write that first paragraph.

And that brings me to my third point – “Four drinkers walk into the bar, order some beers and settle in for the night. The punchline? They’re all women.” There is nothing funny about that joke. This is indicative of a newsroom lacking in either seniority, women with nous or any person who actually has any talent with words. They are also lacking in any respect for women, particularly the women pictured in the story who are now getting suggestive winks about giving head and drinking beer out of those poxy glasses.

What’s next, “news” stories about women “discovering” banks? Or women “discovering” that “news” websites that run ridiculously insulting stories think we’re stupid? Mmmmmmm.

Have you “discovered” beer?

bigwords x