I just listened to Twiggy making an SOS phone call to the Easter Bunny.

“Hello, is that the Easter Bunny? It is, fantastic, you see we have a child misbehaving at our house and we need you to take away one of her Easter Eggs. Yes, that’s right, just one at this stage, but we’ll call you again later if we need you to take any others away. OK, bye Easter Bunny. Thank you.”

Yes, that did just happen. It’s amazing how quickly the misbehaving child started to behave again.

On Sunday, our kids will all wake up to see a trail of shiny eggs down the hallway, out the back door and scattered all over the backyard. They will squeal with delight and scurry around collecting the eggs. As they run around on the dewy lawn, they’ll pull the wrapping off their eggs and stuff the chocolates into their mouth until a gooey, chocolate-coated saliva oozes from their tiny lips.

We will relish the excitement and gather around as a family naughtily eating chocolate for breakfast and quite possibly lunch. And then when the sugar rush sets in and their sleepy eyes start to turn an evil shade of red and their attitudes push to the surface, we will pick the phone up and ring Santa. We may not follow organised religion, but we are well on the way to instilling fear in our children anyway.

March isn’t too early to start calling Santa is it?

Happy holidays everyone

bigwords x