OMG OMG OMG I’m going to be an Angel – a Victoria’s Secret Angel. I can not believe it. SQUUUUUEEEEEEE!!!

You see they’ve finally opened the doors to girls with short hair. They’re embracing difference of hair. I’ve waited so long for this moment. I feel like I’ve worked my whole life for this. I’ve been practising my poses and everything.

(the fish)
(the pensive fish)
(the fish kiss)

OK, I know I’m not strictly a “girl”, I am more of a woman. And I know by short hair, they actually mean blonde, highlighted, shoulder length hair (so hair extensions can be added if required for continuity purposes). But, I have boobs and hair so I’m in with a chance aren’t I? Look at me sexy smizing (smiling in my eyes) in this photo.

(it’s a pity about my extra large ear)

Now I can tell my girls that short hair is deemed sexually viable. Hooray! Finally, they too can strive for the ultimate girl pursuit of becoming an Angel. As long as their legs are six feet tall, their tummies are concave and they remain under a size zero. They must also giggle A LOT, get dimples surgically implanted and bounce around with a mixture of sweet, naughty, cheeky and fire in their doe eyes.

You see, before you had to have all those attributes to be Angel-worthy, now you can also cut your hair to your shoulders. Vote One for hair diversity. It’s a win for every woman out there with a bob. No longer do they have to walk in shame for letting their hairdresser cut their girlish sexy away. Women everywhere will now be able to say proudly: “Honey, I’ve had a little haircut, but it’s ok because it’s just like an Angel”. “Phew”, their partners will reply.

I can’t wait until the day they embrace girls with ginger hair. Then we know all the sexy bases are covered. It is such an exciting time to be a woman.

I’ll leave it up the newest Angel to close off this blog post with her wise, wise words.

(she’s the one in the middle, if you can’t tell them apart)

“It’s an honor to be the first Victoria’s Secret girl with short hair,” Karlie Kloss told People. “There are girls out there with every body type and there are girls out there with every hair type. You can be sexy with short hair!” 

(ahem) (bullshit)

bigwords x