Hooray kids, it’s hellidays! Rah rah rah, let’s all cheer.

So, who wants to be sick first? Don’t fight, don’t fight – how about we all get sick AT THE SAME TIME. Not fun enough? How about we wait until Twiggy goes away for work for six days and then the minute he walks out the door we all get sick AT THE SAME TIME to make it even more exhilarating. Hip hip hooray for hellidays!

There have been times I have looked down and had more snot on my sleeve then my kids, but walking to the loo to get another bundle of toilet paper just seemed like too much trouble. I am severely lacking in sleep, so don’t judge me.

There’s been no visits to the playground or hanging out with friends at coffee shops. There’s been no movies, but this afternoon I think I’ll treat us all to a trip to a crowded doctor’s surgery where we can hang out with all the other flu-ridden kids from the area. I can already hear my inside voice screaming with delight.

I did however drag myself out of my trackies to do my new radio segment on 5AA – The Mum’s Club with the gorgeous Belinda Heggen and Amity Dry.

I took my little panda for luck. She was just so excited to get out of the house.

How have your holidays been or are you stuck in hellidays too?

bigwords x