Today I woke up in my Mummy bed and stretched a big Mummy stretch. Then I popped on my Mummy slippers and my Mummy dressing gown. And I Mummy walked in to the kitchen to grab myself a Mummy coffee while Mummingly giving my children their breakfast. Then I Mummingly threw away all the breakfast they did not eat.

I thought to my Mummy self: “Mmmmm, I might sit down at my Mummy laptop and write myself a Mummy blog post about boobs and other such Mummy things”. So I did.

And then, I thought to my Mummy self: “Why are bloggers, who are fathers, not called Daddy Bloggers? And why are businessmen, who are fathers, not written about in newspapers as CEO Mr Smith, father to three children…”

I wondered out loud in my Mummy head voice: “Why are women always labeled based on their marital or parental basis: Mrs, Miss, Ms, Mumpreneur and Mummy Blogger?”

And then I drank my Mummy coffee, took a Mummy shit and went out for a piece of Mummy cake.

I am not a Mummy Blogger. I am a blogger.      

What are your thoughts on the need for society to always put women in a box?

After I wrote this post the gorgeous Glowless wrote one about the same issue. We came to different conclusions. You should go read hers. The debate continues.

bigwords x