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I have joined a new club and I am so excited. The club is the  Fatty Boombah Club. Yep, you read it right, the Fatty Boombah Club. Boombah for short. Boombah’s the slimmed down version. It’s a club for people who are unhappy with their bodies. The group of women and men have committed to feeling better about their size. Some have expressed a desire to put on weight, some want to shed a couple of kilos, others have a larger figure in mind, but many are attempting to each lose eight kilos in the next 10 weeks. That’s my aim.

The reason I’m excited is because it’s time I get back into shape and be a better me. My body has never been the same since I’ve had my three gorgeous children – 3 months old, 2 years old and nearly four years old. I’m cool with that because I believe my stretch marks, saggy boobs and still preggers looking belly are all badges of growing three little people. I’m proud of them and refuse to be embarrassed by them. However, I am embarrassed by the weight I am carrying, the amount of bad food choices I make and the void of exercise in my life. And I feel tired and sluggish. It’s time to change all that.

I want my girls to grow up with a realistic and healthy view about themselves and their body. I try not to say “I have to get skinny” or “I can’t eat because I’m fat”. Instead, I want them to grow up in a house where their parents exercise and make healthy eating choices. In a house, where we occasionally go to Maccas and bake chocolate cakes, but we also go for walks, ride our bikes and eat good food.

I know I can commit. You see I have been very committed to sitting on the couch and drinking wine and eating chips. And I am very loyal. My loyalty towards chocolate donuts and pepperoni pizza hasn’t waived. I’m good with sticking to a routine. I have limited sleep each night, up breastfeeding. I drink coffees as fast as I can make them and then at 5pm I swap to wine. My snaking is consistent, particularly at night. Chocolate and salty snacks always feature. And I’m dedicated, particularly to reality tv programs.

I’ve decided to change and instead to commit to healthier eating, be loyal to making myself a better person, stick to an exercise routine and be dedicated to showing my girls what it means to feel better about yourself, both inside and out. It’s time.

* The Fatty Boombah Club is a group of people blogging about their weight loss challenge who will help motivate each other and share exercise and dieting tips. If you need a boost you too can read our stories. Go to: http://thefattyboombahclub.blogspot.com