There’s a few things I’ll never ever do.

I’ll never ever climb Mt Everest. Never. It’s too high. Even if I trained for years it’d still be a waste of time because when I’d finally reach the top I’d have to keep my eyes shut. I’m so terrified of heights that I’d be scrambling to get down without even putting my teeny, tiny flag in the top of the mountain.

I’ll never ever go to a Disney On Ice Show. Unless I am at Disneyland or it’s taking place at the Central Park ice skating rink in New York. Same applies for a Nickelback concert.

I’ll never ever stop talking too much in group situations and then feel embarrassed afterwards. No matter how hard I tell myself to shut up, the words keep spewing from my mouth. Blah blah blah. I go on and on and imagine eye rolls and secret exchanges. I tell myself to stop, but still I keep talking. It makes me not want to socialise. I’m much better hanging out by myself.

I’ll never ever get why my husband doesn’t want to cuddle after sex. It’s SO NICE.

I’ll never ever understand maths equations nor will I be able to add up figures in my head without using my fingers to count.

I’ll never ever tire of beef and black sauce and, my other favourite, honey chicken. Never.

I’ll never ever understand why people are so fearful of same sex marriage or migrants. How are other people who love scary?

I’ll never ever get enough kisses from my kids.

I’ll never ever feel that I’m good enough, in my own eyes.

I’ll never ever stop trying though.

What about you? What will you never ever do?

bigwords xx