With temperatures topping 35 degrees for the past week our house is now starting to feel like an oven, even with the air conditioner getting a workout. Our little haven in the hills with the gully breezes is now officially hot. We are more accustomed to fog, frost and rain. Beanies, rubber boots, scarves and muddy puddles. Not sunscreen, hats and dresses. It is for this reason that while the heat is overbearing it is also a novelty for our girls and has allowed us to introduce them to some iconic Aussie traditions.

So, while many complain about the heat we have been having loads of fun. Zooper Dooper ice blocks are being slurped. The kids, both wearing just their nappies (don’t mention the disastrous toilet training experiment), have coloured lines streaming down their arms and tummies as the ice block melts. Lessons on how to push the ice block to the top without it popping out onto the floor and on how to suck the melted cordial out of the plastic wrapping have been a hit. Another highlight has been stripping the kids down to do nudie runs under the sprinkler, they scream as the cold water hits their skin, but still they go back for more. And of course there’s the inflatable wading pool in the backyard which has also become a loved past time. My husband and I sit back on our fold-out chairs, beers in hand, watching the girls splash around. The sunscreen makes everything slippery, but adds to the fun. The giggling chimes across the valley. It’s not even summer yet, but it definitely feels like it.

With each quintessential summer activity the girls experience for the first time, I too am jolted back to my childhood when summer was all about ice blocks and nudie runs through the sprinkler. And it makes me happy.