I have a dream…

… for school holidays to be over.

… to be able to sleep in past 6.30am.

… for back-to-back chick flicks in my pyjamas.

… to be able to eat more donuts without getting more fat.

… for Alan Jones to STFU.

… for world peace, good health, no hunger, long happy lives and all that jazz.

… to be able to actually have a dream without a small children waking me up.

… to be sitting poolside at a resort somewhere, anywhere, as long as there is an accompanying drink with an umbrella and fresh prawns.

… to sleep in, oh wait, I’m pretty sure I’ve already said that, but my kids keep asking for food and I can’t ever finish a thought from the beginning to the end.

… to be able to finish a thought from the beginning to the end.

… for my kids to stop asking me for something to eat every 3.5 seconds.

… for fresh flowers, croissants and fabulous coffee delivered daily.

… that is a little too rude to write here.

… to be able to dream many dreams.

What are your dreams?

bigwords x