After yesterday’s post I thought it best I steer clear of controversy while I catch my breath. In fact, I’ve gone completely vapid. Today I’ve written about another topic very dear to my heart – my hair. Yep, you read right. You see I’ve had many, many, many haircuts over the years.

Just over one year ago I had thick, long hair.

And then it happened. I got bored. All I ever did was get up and pop it into a pony tail. I felt “Mumsy”. So, I decided to get a cut and hair colour.

Then I a ditched the ombré look and got a big fringe.

Then a shoulder-length bob.

Then I went a little shorter, then a little shorter, until… I suddenly had a pixie cut.

(Lucky I’m a narcissistic blogger who takes loads of selfies)

I really loved it, but then it happened again – I got bored AGAIN. But aside from going blonde or red, I had nowhere to turn. Now, I am in the midst of the dreaded in-between stage.

And this is where the hair envy comes into play. I keep seeing people with the hair I want. I stop and stare at them. I look at websites and save photos of celebrities and look at them, in the hope of one day being able to take said photos to my amazing hairdresser. I miss my hair.

Tell me I’m not alone. Do you do this? Do you grow your hair and then cut it all off and then grow it again? Do you do that over and over and over like me?

bigwords x

Ps: Thanks everyone for your support and lovely messages.