It is Valentine’s Day. And I freaking love it. I loved it even before my first child came into the world on Valentine’s Day six years ago. We were so lucky to get the most amazing gift ever. Now, I love Valentine’s Day more with each passing year.

See this cute kid.

She turned six today. For her, Valentine’s Day is the best day ever. For her sister’s, Valentine’s Day is the best day ever. For their friends at kindy and school, Valentine’s Day is the best. All the kids were rushing about this morning with big smiles on their faces. There was a buzz in the air. Joy and sunshine and giggles. There were cuddles and kisses and declarations of love. Homemade cards with hearts and glitter were given to parents and teachers. So much freaking happiness.

The longer I’m married and the deeper we entrench our lives in kids and routine and domesticity the less unbridled passion is part of our world. Love is shared daily with a simple look, a silly quip about the number 69, a quick touch of the bum, a croissant picked up from the bakery, a tag team house cleaning expedition or a hot cuppa in bed. It’s watching our children grow into amazing people. It’s sharing our life journey together – all the ups and downs.

But the day-to-day is exhausting and can grind you down. So, when Valentine’s Day comes around we embrace it. There’s no rush to immerse ourselves in the over-commercialisation of it. There’s no card for every kid in the class or expensive perfume. It’s about the thought. It’s about putting our love for each other on the front burner not the back burner. It pisses me off there’s so much negativity about it. It’s one day people. Why not grab hold of the days which promote love and run with it. Use it as a time to simply take that moment to kiss your partner with extra passion. Hold their hand again. Sit down as a family or with a friend you care about and tell them how much you appreciate walking this road alongside each other. Show your appreciation spontaneously on other days too, but why shun the chance to have extra embraces?

Valentine’s Day is about the sentiment, not the brouhaha. Push the cynicism aside just for the day. And if you choose not to recognise it, that’s fine too, but please let those who do relish it to enjoy it without having to justify why. Let me enjoy this damn fine chocolate orange without guilt.

Today is Valentine’s Day and today is my girl’s birthday and for that I will always freaking love it.

bigwords xx