When the Kidspot Top 50 Bloggers list was announced a group of us decided what better way to tackle the competition challenge than to go on a virtual road trip together in our stylish, economical and super comfortable New Ford Territory (it even has a handbag and wine bottle holder). We decided to tackle some of the most pressing matters of long haul drives. Each of us picked a topic and got blogging. Jump in your car and travel Australia with us, by driving to each of our blogs. Nikki at Styling You compiled a list of fashion must haves, Carly from Tune Into Radio Carly put together the ultimate road trip song list, Jodie from Mummy Mayhem vlogged about it in a way only she can, Bern from So Now What wrote a post about road hazards and I thought it’d be a good idea to put down some road rules.

So, here goes it….

bigwords Top 10 Road Trip Rules

1) What goes on tour, stays on tour. This is the most important road trip rule. When there’s a bunch of chicks in a car there are going to be embarrassing moments, someone will score a dude in a front bar, someone (most likely me) will vomit out the car window and without a doubt someone will flash their boobs in a public place. These stories will not leave the group, they can not be dragged out and used against you at another time, they stay on tour.

2) If you fart in the car, you must wind down the window and blame someone else. It is your duty to feign innonence, unless of course you are very proud of your horn noises and want everyone to cheer.

3) You must not always be fumbling for your purse, or hiding in a toilet, when it’s time to pay for petrol. Don’t be a cheapskate. If you do not pay for petrol you will pay for beer.

4) Know when to stop playing car games. There is nothing worse than someone who wants to continue playing eye spy or the number plate game, well after everyone else is bored with it. Sometimes there needs to be quiet.

5) And that brings me to music. Everyone should get a chance to contribute to the song list. Ok, I might despise Nickelback, but I will hold my tongue if it means I get to listen to Guns N’ Roses.  Well, not just listen, I must also screech the lyrics in my best “Axl Rose” voice.

6) No, you can eat egg or tuna sandwiches in the car. They smell. That. Is. All.

7) On road trips it is ok to pretend your name is Shelly and you train camels for a living. You are on a road trip, it’s the perfect opportunity to create a fantasy world for yourself. Saying you are a married, mum of three from Adelaide, just doesn’t have the same ring about it. Of course, I would have absolutely no desire to slip my wedding ring off and meet 18 year old football players, but I would like to pretend I used to sing back-up for Kylie Minogue during her world tours and now I design Oroton hand bags.

8) Investing in a GPS would be a good thing. I am not afraid to say this, but women and maps can be a recipe for disaster. There is a difference between Dandenong and the Dandenong Ranges… trust me.

9) Bathing every day is optional. So is eating anything of nutritional value.

10)  Do have fun, let your hair down and enjoy not having to listen to the kids screaming in the back seat, even if it does mean having to listen to someone snore or singing along badly to 80s music.

So, buckle up and drive on over to the other blog posts. You are more than welcome to join in on our road trip.

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