I am a little overwhelmed writing this because today you will see many of these blog posts asking for you to find a space in your heart and some money in your bank account to buy this ebook Things they didn’t tell you about Parenting. Your Facebook newsfeed will be flooded, you Twitter stream blocked up and perhaps you’ll even hear about it on the radio or television. 
This ebook features the words of 32 of the nation’s most generous, eloquent, gutsy and brave writers and parent bloggers. And here’s the most humbling part of it – I am one of them. 
We were asked to contribute to this anthology a piece of writing about the things nobody tells you about being a parent. The selection of stories are wonderfully inspiring and insightful for any parent and anyone considering becoming a parent. 

So, this is why I am overwhelmed. I tried to find a uniquely compelling way to write this post and I got star struck just thinking about how the other contributors will tackle it. 
I just know that I stand by its integrity, its quality and its purpose. Not only a brilliant collection of writing, but a most worthy cause – to enlighten parents and let them know they are not alone in the everyday. 
And most importantly there are the children you will be helping with your purchase. I have three girls of my own and I’m always reassured by the possibility in their eyes.

Not every child is born with the resources or the love or the support or in a safe space to indulge in the possibilities. They are too busy just surviving. This project will help other children’s eyes sparkle with possibility. And that means the world to me. 

To purchase your copy of this fabulous ebook click on this link http://thingstheydidnttellyou.com 
And for more information about Foundation 18 go to http://www.foundation18.org
I am just grateful to have been asked to be a part of this project. Thanks to everyone who made it happen. And thanks to Cate Bolt who is truly inspirational.

So what do you think, will you be downloading a copy?

bigwords xx