I am not the most fashion forward person, but I do like to partake in a “tad” of internet shopping. I like to check-out key looks for the season. Regularly, I shudder when I see clothes from my past come back to haunt me. T-shirts with shit sayings written in dodgy fluoro colours are a stand-out of recent years. But today I was aghast when I realised harem pants are the must-have piece for summer. And they come in shorts, long pants, silk and jersey. Harem pants for every occasion. Nooooooo!! They are not flattering – they look like nappy pants to me! Harem pants, I can’t touch them.

It was only this week I watched with a mixture of horror and hilarity, morning TV host Larry Emdur dressed in gold harem pants dancing for MC Hammer on live television. While his co-host cringed in the background, my husband and I laughed at the spectacle. Admittedly, MC Hammer’s bemused face was a highlight, but those pants, oh my. The way they flared at his hips, bagged in the crotch and hung voluminously below his derriere. They belonged back in 1990, safely trapped in the “U Can’t Touch This” video clip.

So, if you find yourself reaching for a pair of harem pants this summer just remember the almighty words of Mc Hammer –
“Break it down, Stop, Hammer Time”.