You’re all aware that I really dig Halloween and yesterday’s celebration was no exception. The afternoon was spent decorating the front of the house and putting all our treats in a big bowl for the front porch.







Costumes were put on, face paint applied and dinner was grabbed in-between excitedly chatting about which route we’d take. Taylor Swift’s latest album was pumping and the countdown to Trick or Treating began. Some friends came over – a zombie, witch and scary princess cat – to join our brood – a wolf, a bat, a pumpkin, the dude from Scream and me, the witch.








And then our first Trick or Treaters arrived – eight kids with their skeleton hands eagerly grabbing chocolate, their parents muttering the oft-used phrase: “JUST ONE EACH and don’t forget to say thank you.” And then in a flurry and a puff of smoke they were gone. *poof*

With a little esky in hand (for the adults), water bottles and five little over-excited girls, we set off.

It didn’t take long for us to find spooky houses with generous treaters handing out lollies and chips and sending us on our way with a sing song chorus of “Happy Halloween”. Packs of kids would yell out to other packs of kids: “There’s a good house down that street”. Occasionally, we’d be welcomed into someone’s backyard for a glass of wine, the smell of BBQ in the air. The kids would take off with each other playing, before reassembling beside us ready to explore again.

Street and after street we roamed. House after house we were met with welcoming smiles. Then as the thunder rolled off in the distance and darkness shrouded over us with a chill. The kids legs weary, their bags bulging with treats and their conversations more measured – we ventured home. Lolly bags were tipped out to compare hauls and fresh bread was smothered with gooey camembert cheese, consumed with fervour. A little house party to top off an already fun-filled night.

And then as tiny eyes begun to flutter with tiredness, mixed with the impending threat of meltdown city, goodbyes were made. My girls slipped under their covers, reached up for groggy cuddles and within moments were asleep. Their black smudged faces resting on their pillows, dreaming of ghosts and ghouls.

After much excitement, I finally found myself alone on the couch, cradling a glass of wine and my head filled with happy memories.

Halloween you did good you spooky minx.

What did you get up to?

Bianca x