Halloween has crept up on us over the years. Once I was anti the whole thing, but now I have kids I love it. I am into embracing traditions, whether they’re are American or not. We live in a global world. This yearly event is silly and fun and ghoulish. Stop over thinking everything and just enjoy it.

For at least a month prior to this day, our girls start discussing their costumes. And in the days leading up to it, the dusty pumpkins and skeletons are dragged out of the shed. Lollies are purchased – yes actual sugary lollies with sugar, filled with sugar – and popped into a big blow up pumpkin ready for the Trick or Treaters. We leave them on the front doorstep for when we’re out for passersby to reach in and grab a few and I eat the rest on the couch while drinking a glass or four of wine to settle my nerves after the last child’s had her last meltdown for the night and finally drifted off to sleep.

The kids giggle and squeal in anticipation of wandering around the streets and often we have friends pop over to join in on the fun. A few neighbours are clued into our intended arrival and off we go.

Along the way we chat, laugh, tell jokes, hold hands, compare treats, look at the decorations in the few houses that embrace Halloween and all in all it’s a lovely evening. I love that we get to meet others that live in our community, we share experiences with not only each other, but with strangers. It’s one of the only nights that we as a neighborhood interact with each other outside of our daily activities. For some of the elderly in our suburb it is the most social they’ve been in a long time and you can see their smiles grow wider when the kids ramble up to their front door in their makeshift costumes.

Halloween isn’t just an excuse for big companies to raise revenue, it’s not “Americanising” our culture, ┬áit’s about bringing people a little bit closer together in a lighthearted, fun way. Ask yourself – when’s the last time you knocked on your neighbour’s door and shared a smile? Particularly dressed as witch.

In a world where everyone is so wary of other people, it’s great to show your kids that many of us although from different backgrounds and ages are all connected. That we all like to do things that make our eyes twinkle and striking up a conversation with those in your community is in fact a great thing to do. Reaching out and having shared experiences is awesome.

So, off I go to cut out a pair of bat wings and sort out a witches outfit for myself.

What do you do on Halloween?