So, when you don’t blog for what seems like forever, then some asshole will come along and hack your website, replacing the contents of an entire blog post with anti-ISIS political statements. Fair enough, but this is my special space and I hate to think someone took it upon themselves to violate it.

But it has proved worthwhile – it’s given me something to write about.

I’ve had every intention of ramping up my blogging since I was made redundant late last year, but despite having a lot more time on my hands and much to write about, I couldn’t find any words.

I think exhaustion coupled with a blow to my self esteem sucked all of my will to expose my vulnerabilities. I had wrapped myself in a protective barrier and wasn’t ready to break free. I needed to regroup with my family, spend some time reflecting on my own. A couple of months of recharging and slowly clawing back my confidence has given me the strength I need to share again.

I’m not sure if blogs are still relevant though? Long form Facebook and Instagram posts seem to be the preferred way of communicating.

But I’m a bit over perfectly curated social media feeds. I’m also a bit over highly dramatising life moments for clicks. Yes, life can be dramatic. Yes, bad and crazy and overwhelmingly sad things happen, but not everything has to be talked about online with such ferocity. And I mean ferocity. Simply putting “fucking” in every sentence and providing highly embellished personal details of your health and life does not make you a story teller – it makes you a manipulator.

More and more people are expecting drama. The anti-perfect. The modern soap opera.

You’re either living a perfectly pastel life on Instagram complete with inspiration porn or you’re shouting about embracing your fucking bushy pussy, like you’re a Godforsaken royal or something.

All of it’s contrived. All of it bores me.

Women have this powerful tool – the power of words and creativity at our fingertips. Don’t abuse it to sell yourself. Make money, sure. Take pretty pictures. Swear, who the fuck doesn’t? Just don’t trivialise life by packaging it up with gingham bows or punching us all in the face with your hyped up over-dramatised crap.

Tell stories. Share your truth. Save the fiction for your tell all book.

bigwords x