103296920-27131614Soon my family and I will be embarking on our amazing trip to the USA as part of my role as the Escape Travel Family Reviewer. We are beyond excited. I am freaking out in a control freak sort of way.

We”ll be spending three weeks traveling throughout California (part of it will be self-funded) the rest is being paid for by Escape Travel. I still can”t believe our family won this super awesome, generous competition. It is the biggest gift to give a family of five. Without it we would never have been able to afford the flights, let alone stay for that long exploring.

Last year we traveled to Palm Cove and Cairns, courtesy of Escape Travel and later this year we will travel to another, yet to be determined, destination in Australia. Here are the links to the blog posts I”ve written for their website – Palm Cove and Cairns. Twiggy took some stunning pics of our family and we videoed our experiences.

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We are so very grateful for the experiences we”ve had so far and the experiences free-credits-report.com karma. still to come.

We”ve got all our passports sorted, itinerary confirmed and flights booked. I can”t wait to see our kids” faces when we take them to Disneyland and Twiggy”s face when he heads off for a walk in Yosemite. I”m busting to do that drive along the coast from LA to San Francisco, visit Lake Tahoe, sip wine in Napa, do a cheeky visit to Las Vegas, swim in a Palm Springs pool, see the Hollywood sign and I”d love to roller skate at Venice Beach. We are going to be just like the Griswolds.

Most of all I”m looking forward to spending three weeks with my family, just us. To share that buzz you feel when you step off a plane into another country is the most amazing gift to give. I can”t thank the team at Escape Travel enough.

Just thinking about it, makes me tear up. Every time I think about it. Tears of pure freaking joy, overwhelming gratitude and immense excitement.


Have you got any tips for traveling in California?

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